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I made the decision to join Ben at Human Performance Coaching and take on a new way of training. I had never used any strength and conditioning techniques and never had 1-1 personal coaching to ensure my free weights technique was safe and secure. I can already feel the difference in my overall body condition and now train strength and conditioning with a small group twice a week along slide two stretch and mobility classes to ensure I maximise my results. Nutritional advice, event support, holistic and therapeutic practices are all available here. Truly the complete experience. I look forward each week to ALL of the sessions and can't recommend the club highly enough.  I have never felt stronger or more supported. 


Sub 3 hour marathon target smashed

“I’d been running on and off for a couple of years when I started working with Ben. My times had been getting faster but I felt like I’d lost my drive. It has always been my aim to run a sub 3 hours marathon and within 6 weeks of starting to work with Ben I’d achieved that goal, knocking a solid 10 minutes on my personal best. Ben’s training plan and motivation is just what I needed to get me literally over the line! Unlike a lot of coaches he’s really proactive and genuinely interested in your goals, and how you can achieve them. Next stop Ironman training!!”


It’s official - I’m addicted to training! I was stuck in a rut exercise wise, doing the same old classes at the gym when I decided to give triathlons a go with the guidance of Ben and his one to one training program.  I’ve never been so motivated, felt more looked after or been happier with my performance.
I now think of myself as an athlete (I know... fancy!) and ended last season with a sprint duathlon win.  I can’t wait to see what the next few seasons bring. What I know for certain is that there’ll be triathlons, Ben will be my coach and I’ll be having a blast!

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